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2020 and the best DIH in Europe

am-LAB aims at holistic digitalization support, with a broad service portfolio. It ranges from additive prototyping and series production, custom-based computer animation (CGI), augmented reality (AR) applications, through prototype development support, to data analytics, involving artificial intelligence-based algorithms.

am-LAB was awarded the honouring best digital innovation hub title of 2020 at the 1st European Digital Innovation Hub Conference.

PBN is the mother company of am-LAB, focusing on applied research-development and training. Its unique proposition is built on the combination of business and technical competencies, a leading role in the adaptation of latest technological novelties, and its alone-standing international relations in Europe.

PBN has working experience with over 450 international partners in more than 75 research and development projects. Unique reference is the management of a Hungarian national business development academy reaching over 2,000 companies.

3D Technologies

Product development
and prototyping

  • Designing custom products and tools from idea to prototype production
  • Model and tool preparation and mass production optimization
  • Prototype production using 3D printing (with FDM and SLA technologies)

Business animation

  • Creating audio-visual materials using computer animation (CGI)
  • It allows you to create lifelike animation right from the design stage of the product
  • It provides a special opportunity to increase the corporate image and use it for advertising purposes

3D scanning and
reverse engineering

  • Digitizing from unique parts to complete objects
  • The technology allows to create a point cloud of any object (<1 meter).
  • 3D CAD model of the object is created from the generated point cloud.


Development of extended reality applications for iOS and Android devices in the following areas:

  • Real-time display of manufacturing data series on the shopfloor
  • AR gamification application development
  • AR applications supporting machine maintenance and component visualization
  • AR content applications for printed materials


Increasing the profitability and efficiency of businesses by analysing previously untapped but valuable data. Our service enables smaller businesses to profit from data analytical services.

Our main focuses:

  • web store traffic analysis
  • analysis of production data of manufacturing companies
  • large amount of free text processing


Development of a multiple robot solutions for various workflows and functionalities at manufacturing companies

  • design and manufacture tailor-made grippers and accessories to collaborative robot workflows using 3D technology
  • integration of various branded robots into a single operational management platform
  • industrial, collaborative and mobile robot coordination and complex task development
  • support in application of robots into conventional production lines


Interactive training modules include industry 4.0 related technologies and smart devices; the applicability of these devices in manufacturing processes, and their impact on productivity; the potentials within the integrated solutions and their company-specific application possibilities; by examining their impact on the management of the business within a modern lab with digital manufacturing tools.

Digital scanning

application opportunities, challenges and their solution

3D printing

technologies, polymer materials, good practices

3D modelling

creation of 3D models, types and area of its usage

Collaborative robot

applications, developments, practical demonstration

Extended reality

augmented and virtual reality (AR,VR) applications and their programming

Automated Mobil Robot

in-house logistics automation

Product smartification, sensors

sensing an existing product, introducing additional services

Sensor application

visualization production-related information on a mobile platform, based on directly accessed sensor data, including thermo, energy, humidity and stock monitoring modules


We are proud to say that so far more than 700 students visited our laboratory.

We welcome students and their teachers from educational institutions for a free experience-based knowledge expansion.

Topics covered during the career-orientation:

  • Prototyping
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D scanning
  • Extended reality
  • Collaborative and autonomous robotics
  • Sensor-based data collection and analysation

During the study visit we provide an opportunity to try out the presented tools and technologies.

During the 1-1.5-hour presentation, we can receive a total of 20 people at a time.

am-LAB is a demo and research factory facility, interested partners are welcome, based on preliminary conciliation and appointment.


Barta Balázs

Managing Director

Joós Attila

Project Coordinator

Tolner Ferenc

Production and
Innovation manager

Magyarfalvi Márton

Production and
Innovation manager

Mátyás Péter

Electric engineer and
Innovation manager

Váthy Balázs

Robotics Technician

Haraszti Patrik

Robotics Technician

Bakó Evelyn

Quality Manager

Horváth Teodóra

Project Manager

Takács Ádám

Electric engineer and
Innovation manager

Bakucz Dániel

Materials science expert

Könczöl Boldizsár

Dual computer science engineer student

Éder Géza

Innovation manager


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Division Leader
+36 30 330 2112

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